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Blog #1 - finally! Succulents of course!

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

Well I have been interested in starting a blog for sometime now and with the startup of our website it seemed the right time to start the blog as well.

And if you know me at all you will know how much I do love succulents. It is just too bad we can't grow them outside year round, but that is just not possible in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. Instead, we have our planters and starts under grow lights for the winter months and then move them outside when the temperatures start getting above freezing, moving them inside again when needed. Most of them just do not like the freezing temperatures at all.

However, the sempervivum (also known as "hen and chicks") should survive our outdoor temperatures. I put some out last fall in containers and in an old wheelbarrow and spring will tell whether they survived - or not. I did order, and have received, an assortment of "winter hardy" sempervivums. They all look very similar right now but will change colors and become more individualistic when put out in the sunshine. Come on springtime!

There, how is that for a first blog post?

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